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Rides in Central Missouri 

  1. Flight over Hallsville, MO
    The annual fall punmpkin drop.
  2. Flight over Columbia Mo
  3. Flying with my Angel
    Flight over Columbia, MO
  4. The Great Forest Park Balloon Race
    Flight over downtown St. Louis, MO into Illinois.
  5. Festival Internacional del Globo 2013, Leon GTO, Mexico
    Flying in Leon, Mexico 2012
  6. Great Forest Park Balloon Race, 2010 with visual effects
    2010 Flight in Forest Park Balloon race in St. Louis, MO
  7. Flight over Columbia, MO
  1. Hours of operation
    Flights are scheduled within the two (2) hours following Sunrise or during the two (2) hour prior to sunset.
  2. Experienced team
    Our pilot and crew have over 60 years of combined experience in ballooning.
  3. Dress Code
    Dress in confortable clothes and footwear as you would for a hike in the woods.

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